The Group

The team of physics researchers, engineers and technicians building the ATLAS Genova Group works in the ATLAS Experiment since its original design in the 90s. Below you can find our current group composition.

Staff Physicists (INFN)

  • Andrea Coccaro
  • Giovanni Darbo 
  • Claudia Gemme
  • Paolo Morettini
  • Stefano Passaggio
  • Leonardo Rossi

Staff Physicists (UniGe)

  • Dario Barberis
  • Guido Gagliardi
  • Fabrizio Parodi
  • Carlo Schiavi
  • Federico Sforza

PostDocs / RTD

  • Francesco Di Bello
  • Alessandro Lapertosa
  • Martina Ressegotti

PhD Students

  • Martino Tanasini
  • Leonardo Vannoli

Undergraduate Students

  • Simone Ravera
  • Leonardo Splendori

Engineers / Technologists

  • Mirko Corosu
  • Cecilia Rossi
  • Federico Silenzi


  • Giuseppe Gariano
  • Alessandro Rovani
  • Ettore Ruscino

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